by lukemccreadie

Remove, remove, remove, subtract back to a core, destroy the core, once its done, what is left is nothing to do with making. Think about the creative act, now disobey, fail to express, didn’t want to express, the fox and the grapes. Whether they where desired or not, the grapes never actually existed anyway. So again take the things in the hands, maneuver  things until satisfied, fail to stop though. Get to the core, whittle and work, take the remains off the shaved pebble and offer it to a stranger, don’t say a word with body or mouth and the information contained in the mind vessels of each involved, remain completely separate, no transferal, and yet there was a transferal. There is no need to communicate, only to share. Happily misunderstanding, totally unaware of the smooth sided object just out of sight. No medicinal, linguistic, mirage of clarity, no deluded sense of understanding. A whale in an ocean, knowing.