Month: April, 2013

Picture 254

Linguiysical physuage



Hollow sculpture, like an egg, all shell but you don’t know it, or solid sculpture, like a dense easter egg, absurd. Still, its heavy and solid, light and hollow, or vice versa. THICK/// HEFTY/// HUNK///. then there is you, looking at it, or even me, thinking this. What we are built for, hungry sentient’s before the sentinels, searching for a meaningful exchange. So we (you and I), we interpret, but in two ways, like solid and hollow but without the moral baggage of these words. ***As in Solid and sound and reliable and wholesome and as in Hollow and unsafe and unreliable and meaningless and anything else to do with how we describe our interactions with each in a physical language. Yes…Forget that for the sake of this moment. So one mode is verbal and one is physical. One mode is lingual and seems to fit and tie up and streamline (its modernism). The other mode is bodily and unutterable and resists definition and finishing points and…it can be seen in language but only the point where it is most stretched, forced into becoming onomatopoeic or allegoric, or metaphoric, it seems strained, like the words to describe the punches in batman (thwack). So the sculpture i have here, is solid, it is in front of me but it is hollow because it is on film.

Those things