Day 5

by lukemccreadie

Something about seeing a place and knowing a place, a place being like a told story, then experienced. I try to say, for real, but become increasingly disturbed by my suspicion of its verity. The buildings we see, Ennis House, Lovell Health House, born out of comfortably placeable desire,rolled in finger and thumb like very small sphere. We end up at Burbank, restock film, talk to guy who knows it, shows us boxes piled high of 50D. Stop, think of images, think of that in frames, then we leave. I have a feeling, gun dog, attentive, rolled up rolling vocal pebble, near the Hollywood sign. The most famous sign in the world, a sign for the sign industry, for the production of representations of things, of everything in fact. So most famous sign in the world, but with a heavily guarded perimeter fence, dogs, dogs, fences, fences, armed guys in security outfits, guarding a sign. The ground beneath the sign is apparently untrodden for many years. imagine if every word which we spoke employed a patch of land and was guarded too. I scream inside as the hordes clamour to photograph the sign, the alien anthropologist would never figure it out. Pink suit, lady, ginger hair, possibly Russian, wrap round sunglasses, a tourist bot. Straight out of Inland Empire. My characters now visit the Griffith Observatory, story unfolding, becoming closer to a representation of what we are actually doing. A sightseeing holiday, its about the transport to the places, see the places, photograph the point on the earth, as if CGI. The point is a sculpture, all ragged and standing like about to crawl to its knees, too many looks, too many people coming by to look at me to take my image. The funny feeling comes back, cold neck, hot head, I am thinking about Rome for some reason. This city is like a giant mesh or gauze that somebody bigger than us pushed a load of wet clay through. The architecture says straight lines, narrow windows, white walls, layers, shear edges, stacking, rotating and its all beautifully charming, but the words penetrate the structure and the blob thinks, is it possible to have a perfect living space. Get To Bradbury Building, downtown, this is when you feel like rolling grain, kicked in the dust, like sculpture, all bulbous and quick, like Zappa said. This is J.F Sebastian’s apartment and the top is where Rutger Hauer makes that speech. Get all tingly, but its the way its just there, and its both things, people live there, in Bladerunner. We film there and somebody asks, is this reality TV? I say, no I am a sculpture, he goes, tutting. I turn back to stone, feel my shoulders go rough and then we end up at Walt Disney Concert Hall, blluuurrrgrummmmmbummumumblllgrrem.